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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I use Algarve Events Wedding Planners?

  • Because you only get one chance to get it right!
  • One point of contact throughout your wedding planning experience
  • We are available from 8am-10pm, 7 days-a-week
  • We limit the number of weddings we accept so your wedding receives the care and attention it deserves
  • We work with proven suppliers and negotiate the best quality at the best price.
  • We constantly monitor and review services and suppliers
  • We take you to venues until you find your perfect setting. We take you to meet suppliers so you can see the quality for yourself.
  • We are based in the Algarve and fluent in Portuguese and English
  • An Algarve Events Wedding is as unique as you are
  • Planning a religious of civil wedding has become much easier, but if you donít speak Portuguese itís impossible. We do the hard work for you
  • We keep you informed at every step. We take the anxiety out of planning so you can relax and enjoy the day
  • We are discreetly present throughout your wedding day to ensure everything runs to plan

Why Should I arrange accommodation for my guests, and why shouldnít they just book online?

  • We use quality accommodation and have negotiated the best rates on your behalf.
  • Having your guests in the same accommodation is less stressful for you and gives you cheaper transport fees.
  • Having everyone in the same accommodation means guests know each other before the wedding day and everyone is relaxed and in a party mood ready for your big day.
  • Booking online doesnít guarantee all your guests a room since many websites have limited numbers of rooms to sell. If they book online they will also not get the special discount.
  • Your guest will have our telephone number so if they have any trouble booking they can contact Algarve Events so you donít have any hassle.

How long will you be there on my wedding day?

We stay until after the party gets underway. In some venues we stay until the last guests leave, e.g. if a wedding is held in a private villa we will make sure everything is properly cleaned and tidied.

When can I contact you?

  • Both Taelor and Ella can be contacted 7 days a week.
  • Taelor mobile: 08:00h-20:00h
  • Ella mobile 10:00h-22:00h
  • Office hours: Monday-Friday 10:00h-13.00h & 14:00h-18:00

What will you do on the Wedding day?

Make sure all setups are completed on time and suppliers are fully briefed on timings and events during your wedding. We will collect flowers and meet guests to make sure they get the organised transport. We will be your point of contact for suppliers and venue so you are not bothered with details unless it involves money.

How can I be sure you know what I want for my wedding?

We can have as many consultations as you wish. We regularly visit the UK and Ireland and phone or email you as necessary to discuss plans. We speak English and Portuguese so you can be certain we understand your requirements and instruct and monitor our Portuguese suppliers accordingly.

How will I get my guests to the church?

We offer a range of transport for you and your guests. We make sure guests are informed of transport times and pick-up points and check they are in the bus or cars.

Can I have a civil Wedding in Portugal?

Yes - if both parties are from countries in the European Union.

Can you organise an English-speaking Priest?

Yes, there are several English speaking catholic priests, and several English Church of England priests as well as a Baptist priest. We can also organise a Portuguese priest with a translator in the event an English-speaking priest is not available.

Can I bring my own Priest?

Yes. Whenever possible this is our preferred option. Having your own priest makes the service much more personal.

Do you have any Irish Bands?

Yes. Our Music department is Irish & English and they have a large variety of Irish bands/acts as well as cover bands and many other options.

Can you organize my honeymoon?

Yes. We can organize your honeymoon in Portugal or any worldwide destinations.

Can you organize a traditional Irish after party?

We have organized many Irish after parties so thatís no problem.

Will Portuguese food be suitable?

Most venues offer international cuisine and have menus to suit all European nationalities and most venues will happily accommodate individual dietary requirements.

Do you offer any activities for my guests during their stay in Portugal?

We can offer a multitude of fun activities from golf to spa days, boat trips to quad bikes. To find out more contact us.

What is an after party?

A fun informal party after the wedding day. We have many different options for a fun, relaxed day with friends and family, for example BBQís, Hog Roasts, beach parties and many more.

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Algarve Events Wedding Planners - frequently asked questions
Algarve Events Wedding Planners - frequently asked questions
Algarve Events Wedding Planners - frequently asked questions
Algarve Events Wedding Planners - frequently asked questions
Algarve Events Wedding Planners - frequently asked questions
Algarve Events Wedding Planners - frequently asked questions
Algarve Events Wedding Planners - frequently asked questions